Work with me!

Grad students are the kings and queens of the millennial side-hustle; luckily, mine is one that I wholeheartedly enjoy. As an anthropologist, my passion—connecting with people through mutual interests and commitments—is engaged when helping others perfect their writing, pitch their products, and plan their next academic moves. Interested in collaborating? Slide into my contact form to get the discussion going.


Travel Writing & Cultural Criticism

Sorry, tourists: there are no guides to the best falafel to be found here. As a freelance travel writer, I’m interested in the narratives and spaces overshadowed by the glitz, money, and power that determines how we perceive “foreign” people and places. By highlighting local voices, concerns, and initiatives, I aim to share what’s important to people on the ground.

Similarly, I write cultural criticism that pokes holes in dominant histories and questions how/why we know what we do about society, knowledge, and human behavior.


Content & Developmental Editing

There are tons of folks who can spot a grammatical error in their proverbial sleep; conversely, my skills are best put to use when helping my clients to effectively articulate their goals, structure their arguments, and find their own unique (and eloquent!) voice.

I specialize in academic projects (dissertations/MA theses, college and graduate admissions essays, grant and fellowship proposals), but you don’t have to reside in the ivory tower to benefit from developmental editing.


Copy & Content Writing

Storytelling is kind of my thing. Whether you’re looking to keep readers engaged, share your brand’s mission, or work SEO keywords into conversational copy that doesn’t read as ridiculous, I can help connect consumers with your product or services.